+What is iDeliverd?

iDeliverd money provide digital banking platform for individuals, startups and enterprises globally.

+What do l need to get an account?
You will need a valid government issued ID (Driver’s License and Passport only), proof of residence and company documents (for businesses).
+What security measures do you have in place?
Your security is our number one priority, we use https on all browsers, sms or secret code system to authenticate transactions.
+How much does it cost to open an account?
Opening an account with iDeliverd Money is Free, we will charge you per transaction and monthly maintenance fee.
+Are my deposits insured?
Yes both your savings and checking accounts are insured through our partner.
+What do you use my Identification documents for?
We use your identification document to verify we are dealing with a natural person or legal business.
+Can l deposit cash into my account?
Not at the moment.
+Can l transfer money internationally?
Yes you can transfer money to your local bank account or to another iDeliverd Money account holder.
+How do l activate my card?
You may activate your card from your internet banking portal.
+Can l use my card at any point of sale?
Yes you can spend your available funds at any point of sale worldwide where Visa is accepted.
+How do l block my lost card?
You may block and order a new card by logging into your banking or email: cards@ideliverd.com with your account number.
+How do l transfer money through accounts?
Log into your internet banking and follow transfer prompts.
+Do l get account statements?
Yes, iDeliverd money provide you with monthly account statement, you can download from your internet banking.
+Which countries do you support?
iDeliverd Money digital banking services is available in USA, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa only.